Who to see for what at OLM

If you need a parishioner’s phone number, or email for private purposes, or have a question but are not sure who the right contact person might be, please contact a parish council member or the parish assistant (91-733-9409) before asking Fr. Ron.

Please get in touch with :

Fr. Ron

| 91-733-94-09 | olm@ourladyofmercy.info

  • to register as a parishioner at OLM (the norm for our parish). Please fill out the form on the cabinet outside the chapel and give it personally to Fr. Ron. All data is confidential and not shared with third parts.
  • to be on the church group email list. Fr. Ron uses this list to inform the parish of news items, such as special events or other news that is of importance to the entire parish. All mails are kept confidential.
  • if you are leaving Madrid and would like to donate your furniture, kitchen items or appliances that are in perfect working order and good condition. We have parishioners who could use such items.
  • if you would like to have an announcement made at church. Please notify Fr. Ron one week BEFORE the Sunday you wish the announcement to be made.
  • if you want your child baptized.
  • if you are interested in becoming Catholic.
  • if you want to be married. Please see Fr. Ron at least 6 months before your proposed wedding date.
  • if there is a need for Anointing of the Sick (the elderly or before major surgery).
  • if you would like to celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation. Please come to church on Sunday and he will be available after Mass or ask Fr. Ron for an appointment.
  • if you are interested in helping with parish social activities.
  • if you would like to help with charitable causes.
  • if you would like marriage preparation.
  • if you want to place an ad in the bulletin.

Elke Wilson

63-666-1603 | one.elke@gmail.com

  • if you want to learn more about how to help your parish financially (bank transfers, standing orders, church envelopes).
  • if you would like to sing in the choir or if you can play a musical instrument.
  • if you have a hymnal suggestion or request for the choir.

Michele Martorell

91-759-5402 | sagaro@aol.com

  • if you want to sign up for your turn at helping with coffee.

Michael Schneider

91-639-1564 | michaelleeschneider@yahoo.com

  • if you would like to become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.
  • if someone needs the Eucharist brought to them at home (sick or shut in)

Louise Aulbach


  • if you would like to become a reader or your child would like to be an altar server.

Nancy Deutman

649-285-582 | nd.olm.ccd@live.com

  • if you have any question about CCD.
  • if you would like to be a CCD teacher or substitute.

Barbara Lahuerta

91-715-2550 | barbara.lahuerta@gmail.com

  • if you are interested in the Boy Scouts.
  • if you are interested in the Giving Tree Activity.
  • if you have books for the Book Sale.

David Franklin Odiewgu

627-046-056 | david@ourladyofmercy.info

  • if you want to join the Charismatic Prayer Group.

Esmeralda (The Parish Assistant)

91-733-94-09 | esmeralda@ourladyofmercy.info

  • if you would like a Mass Intention / Mass Card.
  • if you have a question and are not sure who the right contact person might be.
  • if you need a baptismal certificate.
  • if you would like an issue brought up at one of the monthly parish council meetings.
  • for lost and found items.