Parish Council

Fr. Ronald Ochylski, 91-718-5571

Parish Priest and President

Michael Schneider, 91-639-1564

Coordinator of Eucharistic Ministers

Barbara Lahuerta, 91-715-2550

Book Sale Coordinator

Blanca Castro, 91-570-8248

Spanish Liaison, Bible Study Coordinator

Michele Martorell, 91-759-5402

Hospitality Coordinator

Nancy Deutman, 91-731-9714

Director of Religious Education

David Franklin, 627-046-056

Good Neighbor Fund and African Liason

Judith MacInnes, 91-350-3449


Brian Douglas, 669-440-156

Sacristans and ushers

Jospeh Xhuxhi, 91 733-9409

Young Adult Group

The function of the parish council is to advise and council the Parish Priest so that he may make the best decisions possible. They are people of prayer and are deeply commited to their parish. At Our Lady of Mercy, every Parish Council member is dedicated to coordinate some area of ministry. Please see the current members listed above. If you are a parishioner, you may speak to any of the members and they will voice your concern at the following Parish Council meeting.

All parishioners are welcome to join the Parish Council meetings. We normally meet on the third Thursday of the month, every 3 to 4 months.

Parish Council