Bilingual Weddings

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, we pray that it will be a joyous day filled with God's blessings.

Our Lady of Mercy is a vibrant and very active parish and our central mission is to serve our parish family which covers the entire Madrid Province. Unfortunately, there is only one priest assigned to the parish and it is therefore important to schedule all requests as much as possible in advance. Most couples schedule their wedding dates six months to one year before the desired wedding date.

We do realize that there are certain situations in which a couple may wish to make use of a bilingual priest. Fr. Ron has been in Madrid for many years and tries to accommodate as many requests as possible, but preference will always be shown to those who have made some contact/commitment/contribution to the spiritual life of our parish. Given the importance of personal contact, requests should be made in person to Fr. Ron at one of the Sunday 11:00 AM services at Our Lady of Mercy.

Please know that paperwork for the marriage may have special requirements, especially if one of the parties is not from Spain. See paperwork requirements. If both the bride and groom are not from Spain, please allow extra time for paperwork to be completed. You should begin the process about 6 months before the wedding date at the Arzobispado here in Madrid, located right next to the Cathedral on Calle Bailén, 8. (This is only for churches located in Madrid). After the religious celebration, you only have to register your marriage at the civil registry on Calle Pradillo, number 66 in order to receive your "libro de familia" or marriage certificate (you use the form provided by the parish or the Arzobispado).